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Compete In Everything You Do

Personally I think if you aren’t playing to win, you shouldn’t be playing at all. That is just the way I was raised but I think that is the sole reason sports are so great.

Winning is something people can’t take away from you, no matter how many excuses they give, at the end of the day you still won. Winning is based on merit. If you work harder than your opponent and prepare better you will be successful. It’s all about who is willing to do more. I know in every single game I have ever played in I always felt like I was willing to do more. That’s how you should feel. I think if you just want to play because football is “fun” or you just want a jersey to be on the team please stand on the sidelines away from everyone else. I’m sorry I just don’t think there is a point to waking up everyday if you aren’t trying to win. In some places they don’t have the gift to go after what they want. We do. So why don’t we honor the game we play and try to win every time we step out on the field. Even In life too. In the classroom, you should try to win with your grades, with your family, with your friends in everything you do you should compete and try to be the best. 

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