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Corona Virus and Recruiting

The corona virus has given a big hit to our country but athletes also have been effected. So what does  that mean in terms of recruiting? I think this is an opportunity for athletes who maybe feel that they are overlooked or underrated. College coaches have a lot of time on their hands right now. And what do coaches do when they get free time? Watch Film! So if you can consistently contact coaches with your highlight film through Twitter DM and email, you have a higher chance of getting seen right now more than ever. NOT THE HEAD COACH. Don’t email the head coach, I guarantee you won’t get a response. Email your position coach. Now what if you don’t have varsity film, still reach out as an intro, most likely not gonna get a response but it’s good to make that introduction so when you do get film, the bridge of communication is already there because believe me coaches get the notification on their phone just like all of us do when someone messages them. And they check their email. Now what if the coach doesn’t respond? FOLLOW UP WITH THEM. If you quit after 1 no, you’re never going to make it in anything. Be ok with the rejection and anticipate it. Now if you don’t know what to say in a follow up email, check out our follow up template. Click below!⬇️

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