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D1 Coaches Look For This On Your HIGHLIGHTS

Below we will be discussing 3 tips to make your highlight tape stand out to a D1 college coach, or any college coach for that matter. I hope this helps! 

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1)- The first thing you need to understand about a highlight tape is that you have limited time. If you are lucky enough to have a college coach view your tape, you want to jump off the screen within the first 10 plays. Because honestly, that is probably all he will watch. So you need to PUT YOUR BEST PLAYS FIRST. This is not a YouTube video, we are not trying to increase watch time, so put your best plays first to stand out don’t spread them out. 

2)- DO NOT SEPARATE YOUR OFFENSIVE AND DEFENSIVE PLAYS. College coaches want explosive athletes, they will know where you best fit into their system. So let’s say you play WR & that’s your main position but you also play DB, if your best play on the year is a pick 6, include that in your highlight tape within the first 3 plays. Trust me a college coach won’t think “oh he’s just a DB”. It’s an explosive play and that’s what coaches want. They want athletes. 

3)- Please keep it professional. Don’t have your nickname listed on the hudl cover page. Don’t be playing your favorite rap song in the background. Keep it professional. Use the hudl stock music they have, include your legal name in the cover page along with the school you attend, graduating class and position. Also, I’ve seen this before, if you make someone miss with a juke, don’t stop the video and highlight them and then continue to play it. That shows you are immature and a first impression to a college coach is incredibly important. 

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