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Difference Between Elite QBs and Average Ones

The main difference between an elite level QB and an average one is arm strength. I think that a lot of QBs can fit the profile and pass the “eye test” but you have to be able to make all the throws on the field. Yes you need a high football IQ, yes you need to be accurate and have great timing but from experience, the D1 level guys can always rip the ball and there isn’t a throw on the field they can’t make, whether it’s off platform, on platform, or on the run. And this comes in all sizes, I’ve seen little guys with cannons and bigger guys with cannons.  Arm strength comes from mainly mechanics and functional strength in your core, hips, legs and shoulders. That’s where your velocity and power comes from. If you neglect those areas, there will always be a cap as to how far or hard you can throw it. If you improve those areas your arm will start to get stronger and stronger. I didn’t start throwing with velocity until I hit the squat rack. A lot of hours spend doing core work and leg work is what will get your arm stronger. If you’re not sure where to start, and you want to improve your arm strength, check out a 4 week arm strength lifting program that we offer below! ⬇️⬇️

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