Difference Between Elite WRs and Average WRs

The main difference between an elite level receiver and an average one I believe is speed and explosiveness. I think when it comes to technique a lot of people need to improve on the same things regardless of what level you are on or the scholarships you have. Your time spent at the top of the route can always improve, your route running can always improve and all the little details will always need work. Now when you get to the collegiate level they believe everyone is fast and explosive already and they are confident they can mold you into a WR by improving your route running and angles. From my experience working with some of the top receivers in California, the biggest difference between their game and a guy who has no stars, offers and recognition is speed/explosiveness/strength. All things that can be improved. They can be worked on in the weight room for you guys who may not have the best speed/explosion. If you want a full 28 day workout plan to improve speed and explosiveness to get you ready for the college and this season, click the link below! ⬇️⬇️


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