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Do This To Get Recruited

Below we are going to discuss one of the most essential things you can do as a football player to get recruited. I hope this helps! WE ARE TRAVELING TO 3 STATES THIS OFF SEASON FOR QB/WR CAMPS! We are coming to Nashville TN, SALT LAKE CITY UTAH & Los Angeles CA! If you guys are local to those 4 cities we would love to have you out! Spots are limited to only 10-12 per position group! 8-Hours of training total with myself and my staff! Sign up below ⬇️⬇️ One of the most underrated aspects of the recruiting process is having a good relationship with your high school coach. College coaches can give out all of the “camp offers” or “7on7 offers” that you see on social media but in reality, if they are actually interested, they will visit your school and talk to your high school coach. If a school who has “offered you” hasn’t come to your school to meet with your coach, it’s a fake offer. And your trainer isn’t your high school coach. A college coach when he visits a school will come to your head coaches office first. He won’t visit with you, he’s going to visit with your coach. You want to make sure he has good things to say about you. This is why attending every practice, every team meeting and working your ass off is so important. Because if you’re not a team guy, your head coach will tell the college coach. He’s not going to lie for your sake. Because that will make him look bad, and that college coach will never come back. Now I know what you might be thinking, “ I don’t even have an offer or a school recruiting me how does this apply?”. And it can apply to you directly. If you want to play college football and make that known to your coach, and if he loves you because you’re always at practice, always on time, always watching hudl and the hardest worker in the room… who do you think he will tell coaches about? That’s how the process ACTUALLY starts. Not paying some recruiting service thousands of dollars. Trust the process and remember the work you put in on a daily basis absolutely matters.

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