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Do This Workout To NEVER DROP A PASS

Today we will be giving you a free WR solo catching workout to do. No QB is needed for this workout and I hope this can help. 

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When you don’t have a QB to throw with, the two best things to do for catching would be working on your grip strength & hand eye coordination. These are some easy drills and exercises you can do. 

SPLIT 1 (Hand Eye)

Tennis Ball Wall Overhead Catches (2x50 reps each hand)

-you are going to stand with your back up against a wall and have your eyes forward. Toss a tennis ball over your head off the wall, but keep your eyes forward. When you hear it make contact with the wall- look up and catch it with one hand

Tennis Ball Eyes Closed Wall Throws (2x50 reps each hand)

-you are going to stand facing a wall- shut your eyes and throw a tennis ball at the wall (be about 3-5yds away and throw it decently hard)- when you hear the ball make contact with the wall, open your eyes and catch it one handed.

SPLIT 2 (grip strength)

Finger Tip Push Ups (5x12 reps)

Superset with

Dumbbell Farmers Carry (5x30yds)

(Hold two heavy dumbbells and walk with them- this is great for your grip. If you don’t have a 30yd space, just walk back and forth for some distance until you hit 30yds)

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