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Don’t Lose What You Worked For

During the off season it is a 100% grind. You work your ass off so when the season is finally here you are prepared. But what can you do to make sure you do not lose what you worked so hard for? That’s what we will be talking about today.

During the season it is about maintaining your physicality but improving at practice with the playbook and structure of offense or defense your coach wants. In the weight room, you shouldn’t be going as hard as you normally went in the off season. We want our bodies to be fresh enough to compete at our highest potential. You still need to work hard don’t get me wrong, but the intensity level should drop. You should be doing less sets, less weight so you don’t break down your muscles as much. They need time to recover. The day before a game, you shouldn’t be lifting a ton of weight

There needs to be a taper off period.

As for field work, you should be heading to practice everyday with the mindset of getting better at your playbook. The physical part is done in the off season. Now being able to use the concepts you have practiced to win games is what the main focus of the season is. I have a service for members on my website to send me their game film for a breakdown. That will be HUGE for their success, because film is going to help your game dramatically improve during the season. Film study is what all great athletes do. They need to study their opponent, themselves, and just about everything in between. Especially if you play QB which I know a lot of my audience does. Film and understanding what you are trying to accomplish will help your game still improve during the season.

We want to be able to play to our full potential every Friday and Saturday. Cant do that if we take the season off.

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