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Don’t Tell Me, Show Me

So many guys love to talk the talk but when it comes to walking they do not want any part of that. They only want to talk a big game so everyone thinks they work hard or ball out but none of it is true. You should be worried about the ones who work in silence.

So many guys will say “I am gonna eat this season” or “They gonna feel me” and don’t do crap to make that happen. Nobody is going to feel you this year if you keep talking and not working. It’s okay to be confident, I love that. But there is a point where you need to do something to back it up.

The greats don’t talk about what they are gonna do. They do it. And if they do like to talk, they damn well back it up. You cant talk if you don’t have anything to show for it. Don’t be that guy who keeps barking. Nobody likes it. Be that guy who grinds everyday and doesn’t need to talk about it or make a post. Some of you just post things on Instagram so people will say “keep grinding 😤”. You are missing the whole point. You work to get better. Period


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