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Every WR Should Do This

Every WR needs to prepare like a QB. The narrative that everyone loves to paint around WRs is that they always complain about not getting the ball. And honestly I get it, when you switch from QB to WR like I did it’s a shock because you are used to touching the ball every play. But what I did to get on the same page as my QB and I can attest to this as a former QB, I prepared like one. I didn’t just know my route on that play, I knew what every other receiver was running, I knew the QBs read and I knew the coverage. They call that Football IQ, and guess what, I got the ball a lot more. Nothing pisses a QB off more when you aren’t in the right spot on a particular play against a particular coverage. I think every single offensive play can work if you are an intelligent team. If you want to improve your football IQ check out the link below, we Breakdown 70+ NFL Defenses and you get 4 new breakdowns every week. We discuss EXACTLY what you need to look for in a defense as a WR. If you want the ball more, (who doesn’t?) click the link below ⬇️

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