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A lot of young players struggle on the offensive side of the ball to learn a new playbook or to understand the new concepts on offense. I think mainly because it’s just overwhelming. But the good thing is, it can be learned but same as training a skill on the field it takes dedication. I had to learn in high school 3 different offenses in my first 3 years do to coaching changes and I attacked it the same way. Memorization, verbal reps, visual reps and actual field reps. I struggled the most when I would just review it once and then not go over it. So every night, spend 20 minutes before you go to bed reviewing your stuff. It is going to seem repetitive but the last thing you want to be thinking about is if you should do a certain thing on this play or not. You want to get the play and GO. Especially QBs you need to draw out notecards for every single play you have, name on the front side, the entire play on the back side with your responsibility. I know it may seem like a lot because you have 100 plays but writing it down is a great way to learn. That goes for any position. Also investing in a white board to draw up defenses and your plays will be a great tool for you. Lastly I would go out onto the field after practice and rep my footwork and reads on every single play, going through it in my head was the best way for me to learn. If you can visualize that certain situation and play for a good amount of reps, when you see it in a game or see the play called it won’t be a surprise and you can execute. So notecards, white boards, and visual/physical reps will be the best/fastest way for you to learn a playbook.

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