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FASTEST Way To Learn A Playbook

If you struggle to learn your playbook fast, the best way to learn is by making notecards and drawing the plays out, especially if you are a QB. But let’s say you are a RB or WR you should try to know everyone’s responsibility on the field. It makes knowing your job that much easier. The way I would learn was taking notecards (and actual notecards not quizlet) and writing the name of the play on one side then drawing the play on the other with everyone’s assignment, then I would have a 2nd set of cards with the same plays but on the back it would be my assignments and my reads along with the coverages I like it against. Then as a review I would get a small whiteboard and draw out the plays whenever I would come up against them going through my cards. That’s the way I believe is the best to learn. I saw the most success with this, and yes it is time consuming but once you finish drawing it all out, you will start to learn it 10x faster and be a master of your offense or defense.

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