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Below I will be giving you a workout designed to build muscle mass for athletes but to also keep your speed and explosion because at the end of the day that’s what matters for athletes. I hope this helps 

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Split 1

Barbell Pause Bench Press (if you’re a QB don’t do this) (pause for 2 seconds at the bottom of the rep)5x8 reps

Superset with (perform back to back)

Drop Set Tempo Barbell Bench Press (control the weight down for 4 seconds and then up for 4 seconds) (take weight off from your pause reps set)

5x5 reps 

1 minute 30 seconds rest in between sets 


Barbell Push Jerk 

5x8 reps 

Superset with

Dumbbell Side Raises

5x6 reps 

Superset with

Dumbbell Front Raises

5x6 reps

Superset with

Dumbbell Reverse Flies

5x6 reps

1minute 30 seconds rest in between sets

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