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Playing the WR position is all about developing fast twitch muscle fibers. You do not want to be doing distance running when playing football. Football is a speed game and that is exactly what this conditioning workout will build!


Warm up 800yd Jog

8x20yd Sprints (walk 20yds for rest)

8x50yd sprints (walk 50yds for rest)

4x100yd sprints (walk 100yds for rest)

If you want over 150+ WR drills and 80+ WR gym workouts Made into a training schedule with sets, reps and examples of each exercise/drill click below! ⬇️⬇️

WE ARE COMING TO ARIZONA OCTOBER 2nd & 3rd! If you are a QB or WR in the AZ area come out for our 1st annual Arizona clinic! It is a 3 hour clinic focused on developing the skills of the WR/QB positions. Spots are limited to only 20 kids so this will fill up fast! Also we are flying in a D1 speed trainer to help you guys with running form, 40yd dash technique and much more. CHECK IT OUT & SIGN UP HERE ⬇️

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