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A Skip 6x10yds run 10yds

B Skip 6x10yds run 10yds

C Skip 6x10yds run 10yds

High knee Karaoka 2x20yds

Quick Karaoka 2x5yds burst 15yds

Toy soldiers Stretch 2x10yds

Quad Pull Stretch 2x10yds

Knee Hug Stretch 2x10yds


10x40yd Sprints (walk 40yds back for rest)

8x60yd Sprints (walk 80yds back for rest)

4x100yd Sprints (walk 100yds back for rest)

If you would like a 12 WEEK WORKOUT SCHEDULE for WRs to do in the gym, checkout the link below! We include daily workout/conditioning splits very similar to the ones above with picture examples of each exercise and we give you the exact sets and reps for each workout. These exercises are designed to help WRs with speed, explosiveness, power, ankle stability, knee stability and balance! Check it out here for our 12 week schedule ⬇️⬇️

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