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Free WR Cardio Workout

Below we are going to give you a cardio workout that you can do 1-2x weekly as a WR. I hope this helps

Warm up

A-Skip (4x15yds- run 15yds after)

B-Skip (4x15yds- run 15yds after)

C-Skip (4x15yds- run 15yds after)

Split 1 (distance shuttle)

2x400yd shuttles (must be under 60 seconds)

Walk 100yds for rest

If you guys would like a gym workout plan for WRs with all of the lifts you need to be doing specifically as a WR (not training like a bodybuilder) checkout the link below! It is a 3 month schedule with daily workouts, sets & reps ⬇️⬇️

Split 2 (mid distance)

1x300yd shuttle (must be under 45 seconds)