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Below we will be giving you a free WR catching workout to help your hands improve. No QB is needed for this workout. 

Also if you would like 75+ on field drills & on field workouts you can do to get faster, checkout the link below! We include the exact sets & reps to do & we put the drills into workout schedules so it is easy to follow ⬇️⬇️

SPLIT 1 (you need tennis balls for this- could also use a baseball)

Eyes Closed Wall Throws (25 reps each hand)

  •  stand in front of a wall, have your eyes closed, throw a tennis ball at the wall- when you hear it bounce open your eyes and catch it in 1 hand

Overhead Wall Toss (25 reps each hand)

  •  stand with your back against a wall, toss the tennis ball over your head- when you hear it make contact with the wall, look up and catch it in 1 hand

Finger Tip Push Ups (3x10 reps)

-this can also be done kneeling is you cannot do regular push ups 

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