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FREE WR Grip Workout

Hand Stretch (50 Reps) (put your palms together and just push your fingers back trying to touch your fingers to your wrist)

Catch 100 Footballs < or > Tennis Ball 50/50 On Each Hand (bounce off off a wall)


Reverse Grip Curls (hold the dumbbells palms facing down)

5 sets of 10 reps


Finger Tip Push Ups

5 sets of 20 reps


Farmers Carry (holding two heavy dumbbells)

5 sets of 35yds

2 minutes rest in between sets

If you guys would like a 30 day workout plan to improve your hands with days/exercises broken down just like above- checkout the link below!

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1 commento

Greg Kuchenbecker
21 lug 2022

Coach that is really good stuff!

Mi piace
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