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FREE WR Gym Workout #2


Pause Squats 5x5

(This works your balance at the top of the route and your explosion at the top of the route)

Superset with

Walking Lunges 5x20yds

(Works hip flexibility, strength and mobility for snapping down)


Power Cleans 5x5

Superset with

Box Jumps 5x10

(Both exercises work hip explosion and fast twitch muscle fibers. Helps you off the line being sudden and being explosive at the top of the break)


15x40yd sprints

If you are a WR & want a 4 week ON FIELD training schedule checkout the link below. We give you the specific drills with sets/repetitions to improve your route running, press releases, hands explosiveness and balance. Also we include a 30 minute video where we breakdown each drill you will do and show a full speed example. HOPE YOU CAN CHECK IT OUT HERE⬇️⬇️

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