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FREE WR Hand Eye/Grip Workout

EVERYDAY DRILLS Hand Stretch (50 Reps) (25 each side) This stretch is designed to loosen up your fingers to where you can make those difficult out of reach catches and have more flexibility in your hands Catch 100 Footballs (10 in front; 10 on each side; 10 low throws on each side; 10 over each shoulder) 2 sets of this IF YOU DONT HAVE SOMEONE TO THROW TO YOU (see below) Bounce A Tennis Ball Off A Wall (50 reps on each hand) WORKOUT Bounce Tennis Balls Over Your Head 5 sets of 20 on each hand This exercise is designed to work on your tracking ability over your shoulder. The mistake a lot of receivers make is that they lose the ball when it comes over their shoulder. Focus on following the tennis ball with your eyes.

If you guys would like a 4 week workout schedule for WRs to improve their route running and press releases checkout the link below! We give you 100+ Drills mapped out Monday-Sunday with the exact sets & reps.

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