Over The Shoulder Double Clap Catches (20 reps each side) (3 sets)

Have someone stand behind you and throw you the ball over the shoulder- when the nose starts to drop down clap your hands twice behind your back and then catch- this emphasizes late hands and you having to track the ball with your eyes. 

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Sideway Catch Tennis Ball Holds (20 reps each side) (3 sets)

Stand to the side like you’re catching an out route- hold two tennis balls in your hands- have someone throw you the ball- right as it’s about to get there- drop the tennis balls and catch. This emphasizes late hands.


Tennis Ball Partner Wall Catches (20 reps each hand) (3 sets)

Have your partner stand behind you with a tennis ball- have your eyes closed- he throws a tennis ball off of a wall that is in front of you- when you hear it bounce open your eyes and find the tennis ball

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