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FREE WR Speed Workout #2

Split 1

Barbell Jump Squats 5x8 reps

Superset With

Alternating Dumbbell Jumping Lunges

5x8 each side

2 minutes rest in between sets

Split 2 Power Cleans 5x5 Superset with Box Jumps 5x10 reps (focus on landing light) 1 minute 30 seconds rest in between sets Split 3 Walking Lunges 100yds If you want a full 4 WEEK ON FIELD & GYM WR WORKOUT PLAN CHECKOUT THE LINK BELOW! We give you 28 days of on field workouts with specific sets, reps, rest periods and 28 days of in the gym workouts specifically for WRs with sets, reps and rest periods that relate to the on field exercises! This is perfect for WRs who want to get more explosive, improve their route running, improve their speed and improve their overall performance! We also include a 30 minute video that breaks down each drill of the on field plan! CHECK IT OUT HERE ⬇️⬇️

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