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Below we are going to give you 3 tips to get a scholarship offer at a small school or a school that doesn’t have much college exposure. I hope this can help! 


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1)- Honest analysis of your film. Obviously at a smaller school, you might not be playing the best competition. So you need to have an INSANE highlight tape. I’m talking a break records type of highlight tape. That is, if you want to a chance to play division 1 ball. I could give you the basic advice of “send your film to college coaches” but you already know that. And most of the time,  college coaches won’t watch your tape or even respond. But if you have a highlight tape worth watching and can get it in front of the right people who might just watch 1-2 minutes you can get some recruiting attention. But you have to be good enough and have the film. Not even stats matter that much. Because there are tons of JV WRs who got 1,000 yards last year… but it’s JV ball. The film doesn’t lie and that’s what coaches want. Varsity film that is explosive when you’re at a small school.

2)- Don’t fall for the NCSA Scam. Guys, you need to be a great football player to get recruited. Spending thousands on someone to “get you recruited” is ridiculous. NCSA doesn’t provide training, a speed coach, a strength coach and WILL NOT tell you that you need to be a better athlete to play at the next level. They will just take your money and sign you up for a profile. That should tell you something about the integrity of the company. Use your money wisely and take an honest look at yourself. If you have $2,000 to spend, and you need to get faster… why not invest that money into the proper training for the ENTIRE year to help you get faster which can then apply to Friday nights and get you more plays on film. If you spend $2,000 on some recruiter he might send you a few questionnaires to fill out and get you some “camp invites” but that’s it. Then you lost $2,000 and the guy doesn’t even tell you that you need to get bigger, faster etc. It’s all a SCAM.

3)- Get out to college camps. Don’t expect an offer at a college camp when you are unnoticed. Go to college camps to build contacts. Building a personal relationship with a position coach at a college gives you someone that you can communicate with on Twitter and ultimately send your highlights to when you get them. Go for the experience and the relationships when you attend a small school. 

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