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Got Benched, Now What?

If you get benched for either lack of performance or some other reason, it’s not a time to panic. It’s a time to get back to work. From a coaches perspective, we want guys on the field that we can rely on. The only reason you got pulled is because the coach feels he can’t rely on you. So you have to earn that back and bounce back from the adversity thrown your way. How do you do that? You show up everyday and it is all business. You work in the weight room, you work on the field, you have a 100% understanding of your playbook, you ask questions to show you’re engaged and you hop in whenever they need a guy. Scout team reps are gonna be huge for you and special teams. Those are 2 things nobody wants to do. And if coaches see you doing those things, they will start to pay attention, and it’s all about grabbing their attention when you are trying to earn a spot back. Don’t get discouraged and panic. Don’t think you will never get to play. Just focus on 1 thing and that’s winning your job.

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