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Hardest Thing To Coach For Receivers

The hardest thing to coach for WRs is their hands. Because when you are a trainer like myself, chances are you only see these athletes once or twice a week. That means there are 5-6 days where you don’t see the athlete. Now I’m sure more of you see coaches and some don’t but work on their own, you need to do more than just once or twice a week to improve your hands. Your hands won’t get any better with 25-50 catches a week assuming you catch 25 balls at each session. You need to be doingsomething everyday to improve your hands because it is all about repetition. There is no way around it. You need 1,000 reps to break a bad habit and 10,000 reps to master a skill. You will have to play this game for 50 years at the rate I see most athletes going at to achieve the goal of bettering your hands. If you don’t know how to do that, or if you don’t have a QB to throw to you I have a 3 week program on how to improve your hands fast and efficiently. Click the link below! ⬇️

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