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Healthy Way To Lose Weight

So if you are on the heavier side of things and you need to cut for the season you want to try to make sure how you cut down is sustainable. A lot of people will try these crash diets like the Keto diet or the carnivore diet but can you sustain that during the season? I’m going to give you some tips below that I used to cut down from about 10-12% body fat to 5-6% my last year of high school to be at an athletic playing weight. I hope this helps!

Also if you are a WR and you not only need to improve in the gym but also need to improve your skills on the field- checkout our 8 week daily WR ON FIELD Training schedule⬇️ We give you 200+ drills mapped out over 2 months with the exact sets & reps you need to do- but also video examples of each drill. I hope this helps! 

So to drop body fat what I did was increase the intensity of my workouts. I took shorter periods of rest. So in between sets I would take no more than a minute break. This will increase the tempo of the workout obviously which leads to more fat burn. A lot of guys don’t need to lose WEIGHT they just need to be at a healthy & athletic weight. So that’s what you can do gym wise. Increase the number of reps and decrease the rest time.

Secondly we talked about diet in the intro of this article and what worked best for me as an athlete was cutting out ALL bread/sugar & anything that comes in a wrapper. I still ate carbs because carbs are fuel. Don’t stop eating carbs if you are an athlete. I just replaced the bread that I would eat with natural carbs- so brown rice, sweet potatoes, regular potatoes etc. I felt much better and I noticed a huge difference in how lean I was. You need to understand that anything man made is probably not good for you- eat what you can kill, grow, gather etc. That is what made me drop a ton of body fat and when I combined that with the correct gym workouts I really saw results. This is a healthy and sustainable way to get leaner for the season 

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