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How A QB Can Impress Their Coach

Two ways QBs can impress their coach is by being the hardest worker in the room and doing their assignment the absolute best way it can be done. Let me explain. QBs naturally have a much harder job than any other position on the field. If everyone did the bare minimum, QBs would still be the hardest workers, but to reach that elite level and impress not only high school but college coaches, you need to do a lot extra work. Film study, drill work, route work, exercise, and more on top of what you already do at school or with your team. Playing QB needs to be treated like a job and you are the CEO. Now when it comes to knowing your assignment, I believe that’s easy. You need to know the offensive play and your reads but what separates QBs from the other competition is knowing what the DEFENSE is going to do. A lot of people can know offensive plays but do you know coverages and how to read defenses? If you want to be efficient at reading coverages and learn how to beat any defense you see, click the link below! ⬇️

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