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How A QB Prepares For A Big Game

How a QB can prepare mentally for a game is by doing the following: you need to know your opponent better than you know your own offense. I can’t tell you how unfortunate it is when a QB is not prepared for a game. I am assuming almost all of you have Hudl or know what hudl is. As A QB, if you don’t have the highest amount of time on hudl out of all the players (they can track that btw) you are not doing enough. I don’t care how many times you have seen the same play it is never too much film to watch. Film is all about mental reps. You need to take the plays in your offense and put them against the defense you see your opponent for that week running. Ask yourself what you would do in that situation and the progression you’d make/decision. That is the key for everything. Now if you aren’t quite sure what to look for or how to even read defenses that is totally fine. That’s why I’ve developed a service on my website where we breakdown NFL defenses and make them simple to understand for high school and college level players  and we go over how QBs should be approaching film/ what their pre snap process should be. Click the link below for the sign up info! ⬇️

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