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How Far Should A QB Throw It

How far QBs should be throwing doesn’t really depend on a whole lot. I get this question a lot and to be honest I think the answer is always more. You can always get a little more distance on your throws and get a little stronger. Your size, strength and mechanics play the biggest role in arm strength. If you’re on the smaller side, you need great strength and mechanics and if you’re on the bigger side it’s easier to throw far/hard but you still need strength and mechanics. I can tell you right now, if you throw over 40 yds you’re gonna be just fine. You will probably never have to make a throw over 50 yds in the high school and collegiate level. Don’t get me wrong, it certainly helps to have a cannon but as far as basic plays go, no more than probably even 40 yds. But arm strength is vital and can be improved by getting your leg and core strength up! And that can be accomplished in the weight room or with body weight exercises. Check out the link below to see the two QB workout plans we offer, one with weights and one without.⬇️⬇️



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