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Below we will be discussing how JV players can get moved up to varsity. I hope this can help you out! 

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If you play on JV, that is not the end of the world. All it means is that you need to develop a little bit more or you are playing behind some people older than you. Below we will be discussing some of the things that JV players can do to make an impression on varsity coaches and get an opportunity. 

1)- Obviously need to play well on JV. Guys if you think you are a varsity football player, you should dominate on JV. It should be easy. So take those games serious. A lot of guys feel pressure from upper class-men and think “oh it’s just JV”. Take it serious, it’s an actual football game and the better you perform the better you will be in the eyes of your head coach on varsity. Trust me guys, I was a coach for a high school and we pay attention to that kind of thing.

2)- Scout Team All American. I know it sounds dumb but you also need to take scout team serious. Usually the scout team is the JV team for a high school program. And a lot of guys are afraid to try hard because they are going against bigger/older varsity players. Don’t cheat the plays but you should try to give them the best absolute look. I remember in high school when I was a sophomore I would take scout team so serious as a QB. The scout team is supposed to fail. So there isn’t any pressure. I would have a lot of success and piss off the defense so much that they eventually made me a live player. Which means I would get hit by guys twice my size just about every play. But that showed a lot to coaches. They knew that I was about it and didn’t care about anything else but winning. You can trust a guy like that and that ultimately led to me getting a varsity shot.

3)- Play special teams. In practice, all of you know this, teams dedicate a specific time to special teams. If you want to play on varsity, play special teams. Anytime they need a guy you need to pop out there and play. Special teams at the high school level is mainly effort. So if you treat your special teams responsibilities like a regular position, coaches will trust you a lot more. 

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