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How Many Hours Should I Put In?

Are you working as much as you need to be? I have always been a firm believer of that it’s not about the hours you put in it’s what you do in those hours that makes a difference. My mind is starting to shift, while that thinking is correct, I am starting to believe in doing the quality work that you normally do just for longer periods of time. Doing both. Now a lot of guys go to the field for 45 minutes take a couple of pictures and that is it. That’s not at all work. And those are the same people who complain about play time. In a study by Malcom Gladwell who wrote one of the best books of all time “Outliers”, he says that it takes 10,000 hours to master a task or a skill. 10,000. And some of you are only putting 10 hours in every week. It’s not enough if you want to get to that elite level. Now obviously this is accumulated over years. Other studies also show that it takes 1,000 reps to break a bad habit, not to master it but to break it. That can be easily accomplished in two weeks. You guys just need to put the time in. How many hours a day do you waste watching TV or playing video games. How many hours a day do you sleep. Sleep is important but if you sleep until noon everyday you obviously don’t want it that bad. How much time do you spend working. Let’s say you are a freshman in high school. All you want to do is play college football. You have 4 years to master your position. If you put in 7 hours every single day for 4 years, you will get there. Now 7 hours can be easily done. Watch 2 hours of film, 1 hour weights, 1 hour field work, 2 hours playbook, 1 hour position specific work and then you are done. Plenty of time left for homework and relaxing. Just do the math and get the work done. And that is if you have never touched a football before your freshman year. So most of you are already on your way. But will you stay consistent or get distracted?

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