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How QBs Can Dominate

If you are competing with QBs at your school, QBs in your league or just all QBs to be the best, this is an article for you. How you can dominate your competition is by making throws they can’t obviously but also  doing more than them. If they are only willing to put in 2 hours of work each day, you should put in 3. A lot of guys won’t do that. They think it’s too much or they will be too tired but hard work never hurt anybody. QBs are sometimes looked at as the weak guys on the team who are only good at throwing the ball but there are specific things QBs need to be doing in the weight room to improve their performance. A lot of QBs don’t workout in general because they fear they will lose range of motion. Not true if you do the right exercises. If you want to gain access to a workout plan specifically designed for QBs to improve their arm strength, click the link below ⬇️

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