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How QBs Can Get More Play Time

2 things QBs can do to get more play time is the following: 1) improving their extending plays ability. So many QBs are not able to extend plays and what I mean by that is as soon as they experience any kind of pressure their game breaks down. They either throw the ball away or take off and run and don’t keep their eyes downfield. If you can get comfortable in the chaos and get comfortable making off platform throws where you might not always have your feet set, you will be a successful QB who gets more play time. Coaches can’t teach certain things with scheme it comes from actually repping the situations. When you train you should be trying to make the hardest throws possible. Don’t set your feet, work on escaping and making throws. This will keep you on the field. Secondly, being able to read coverages is essential to stay on the field as a QB. If you are below average height, maybe don’t have the strongest arm and maybe are not the most athletic your mind can trump all of those things. If you know what the defense will do before they do it, you will be a winner. Knowing what coverages do what and knowing how to attack them, make the game a lot easier. If you want to get better at reading defenses click the link below! ⬇️⬇️

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