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How QBs Can Improve Their Vision

How QBs can improve their vision is by creating windows for themselves. I get this question asked a lot and my answer will always be the same. Besides IQ, your footwork in the pocket is the best way to get better vision. You create your own windows by drifting and navigating back there. That is a difference maker. So many QBs think it’s about seeing over the line, but in reality, you’re not gonna be able to see over anybody unless you are 6’4 plus. So what you do is create throwing lanes for yourself. Even right after you drop in some cases, start moving. Also, being able to throw off platform is important. If you can create windows and still be accurate even without your feet set, that stands out to college coaches. They are looking for guys who can extend plays and can make every single throw on the field. That’s what I am trying to get you guys to. If you want some more tips on how you can improve your entire game at QB and learn the correct way to throw/play the QB position, click the link below to checkout our QB Bible! ⬇️⬇️

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