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How QBs Should Act

QBs need to act a certain way, I’m not saying all QBs need to act the same. Everyone is different and if you aren’t being yourself, your team will see right through that. If you are a quiet leader you should play to that, if you are a loud guy like I was, you should play to that. But one thing remains consistent with all great QB leaders, they know how to take command of their team. They aren’t afraid of anybody. They tell the truth, they challenge their teammates, and they set the standard for their team. If you aren’t the hardest worker on the team and you play QB, I’m sorry you don’t deserve to be the QB. I cannot stand when the QB isn’t the hardest worker in the room. So what if you aren’t the biggest guy or the smartest, but their is no excuse to not be the hardest worker in the room. None. Zero. You should never sit back and say “he’s working harder than me” even if you are a vocal leader, you still absolutely need to lead by example. That’s how you rally a team. They won’t follow you if they think you aren’t one of them. If you are super negative or think you are above everyone else, your team will turn on you. That’s when the QB position can be very lonely. It can be the most rewarding position or the most lonely position of all time. I will never forget my very first high school start, I took care of my teammates so much leading up to that and worked my ass off all the way up to that point and when I threw 5 INTs against the number 10 ranked team in the state who I said we would beat, my teammates actually apologized to me. And said it was their fault. When it clearly wasn’t. It was 100% my fault. I lost the game for us and they still took the blame when all the heat should’ve been on me. That’s the power of taking care of your guys. If you take care of them and lead them through not just your words but your actions, they will have your back into the fire. Too many guys isolate themselves and always point the finger. Take some ownership, that’s how guys will respect you. If you complain about receivers or the offensive line or the coaching staff, do you really think those people are going to defend you. Hell no. You need to take responsibility and not only talk the talk but walk the walk as well. Don’t be the “do as I say not as I do” guy. You will lose your team and then your job. Be the “watch me do it” guy. That’s a much better leader.

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