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How QBs Should Prepare Before A Game

Before a game there are a couple of key things that QBs need to do, they need to be able to understand their opponent and understand their own game plan . When it comes down to knowing your teams game plan you should be prepared for any situation. You should know the plays you are looking to run that week and why you want to run them. Go through all the different situations, reads, coverages and defenses you could face against those specific plays. If you see it 100+ times in your head it will not be foreign when you see it in a game. It’s something you are prepared for and you have trained your mind to react to that situation. Now when it comes to reading defenses that is all about preparation. Do you know what to study specifically about defenses? Blitz packages, coverages, stunts, how they roll safeties and the list goes on and on. You should know the opposing teams defense like the back of your hand. If you want to see 150+ already made defensive breakdowns and breakdowns on how you can read coverages as an offensive player click the link below! The link will give you info on how you can gain access to these videos and help your football IQ improve so you will be as prepared as possible come game time. 

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