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How Short QBs Can Ball

Short QBs will always be my favorite kind of QB because I am 5’10 on a good day and I played QB so I know the struggle. The two ways we can be elite passers is the following: 1) we have to understand windows and 2) we have to have great feet in the pocket. Now when I say windows I’m not saying throwing windows I’m saying the windows between linemen. We can’t look over our linemen without losing our base. That’s just a fact. And you guys know how important your base is. So we need to look through windows of our line and play in the pocket differently than the 6’4 guy. Now that’s when #2 comes into play. We have to have great feet because that’s what allows us to navigate back there. Great feet for a short QB is more important than arm strength. If we can create windows with our feet the game will be that much easier for us. We can drift our drops, avoid pressure and often escape pressure. Those are the two key things all short QBs need to have.