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How Small Receivers Can Get Open

Smaller receivers need to be able to create separation with a few different things. Their range, their moves off the line and their speed. And all 3 of these things are tied together. You need to be able to understand the concept of range first. Being in space where a DB either has to stay and keep distance or come at you and be off balance. For example when you work a hesitation release or a slide release you want to stay in a range where the DB has to make a decision. Then, that’s where your moves off the line come into play, you need to give him something once you get in that range that will move him off his platform. Get him to jump by being sudden with your feet and violent with your upper half. Then your speed comes into play. This could be the most important. Once you get him leaning a certain direction or hesitating on a move you need to have speed off the line to get open. If you’re a small receiver without speed and quickness you’re not going to be able to get a lot of separation effectively. If you want to improve your speed, click the link below to learn info about our 28 day speed workout plan you guys can do to improve ⬇️⬇️

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