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How To Be A 5-Star WR

Below we are going to discuss what it takes to be a 5-Star WR and what earns some of the top recruits that ranking. I hope this can help you out! 


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First and foremost I want to tell you all that the “5-Star” and star ranking system is complete BS. Stars DO NOT MATTER at all when you get to the next level. Not a single coach cares or other player cares what you did in high school. However, you see a lot of these 5-Star guys with insane talent and an insane amount of scholarship offers. So what makes them different from the rest? Why are they considered top tier? WR is the most competitive position on the field I think when it comes to recruiting. There are literally thousands of WRs in ever single state that all can run decently fast and have decent hands and are good sized players. You need more than just speed and size to be labeled a “5-Star” or to even play D1 college ball. D1 WRs are some of the best athletes on the planet. So if you are a WR who wants to stand out to a D1 college- you need to have 5-Star tape. And from studying different 5-Star WRs highlight tapes this off season, there are a few key details that they ALL have. This is why I believe they are highly recruited. 

1)- Actual game speed. Guys get so worried about their 40 time and combine times when in reality a college coach wants to see you move fast and with some explosion in full pads. All 5-Star guys have those types of plays on their film. They all have plays where they catch a slant, break a few tackles and take it 50+ yards for a TD. Those are the plays D1 caliber coaches want to see. Those are actual highlights. Those are plays they DO NOT expect you to make.

2)- Tough catches. All of the 5-Star WRs in this years class & next year have INSANE catches very early in their highlight tapes. College coaches want playmakers. Almost all WRs had 1 handed grabs, catches in traffic, jump balls etc. on their tape. That is another thing you should definitely consider putting on your highlight film, which is what will get you recruited.

3)- Blocking. Explosive blocking plays are essential for WRs. College coaches know that some WRs don’t get the ball on every pass play, so your highlights can be limited. But every single run play, whether that’s 30% or 80% of your offense… is an opportunity to make a big play. Drive your defender to the sideline, put him on his back etc. All of these 5-Star guys are not the pre-Madonna type WRs who are afraid of contact. They are dogs who aren’t afraid to get physical. That’s what a college coach wants to see.

So it all comes down to one simple thing, be a playmaker. Those are the types of plays mentioned above that turn heads. That’s what you need to put on your highlights if you want any attention from a college coach. Not a wide open post route where you walk into the endzone. Thousands and I mean literally thousands of WRs can do that exact same thing. 

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