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How To Be A More Accurate Passer

How you can be a more accurate passer is your front arm and shoulder. This is an aspect of QBs that is under coached. A lot of guys really swing their front arm for power and swing their elbow down rather than rotate through with their hips. I think that is what kills QBs releases and makes them inconsistent. If you swing your elbow down your arm gets pushed up, and when it gets pushed up in the air you will either release too high or too low because you are coming up and down with your release. If you swing your front shoulder open and lean out of the throw, you let your arm fly to the inside. This will cause your release to move left and right. And that’s where you will miss, either left or right. Focus on taking the ball back keeping your front shoulder closed and when you rotate through, emphasize using your hips and ground force from your legs. Keep your front hand on your collar bone and your release will be a lot cleaner. If you want more QB mechanics tips to be an accurate passer checkout our QB Bible, it’s an E-Book with an all access instruction manual to all things QB. Hope you can check it out ⬇️⬇️

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