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How To Be A More Confident QB

QBs need to be the most confident player on the field. If you’re not confident in your ability, things will not go your way. It’s a position where you can’t  second guess yourself. You have to be decisive but have the confidence to do that. I think the biggest thing that helped me with my confidence is preparation and focusing on what I can control and doing my job. Before every play in practice and in a game I would focus on what my job is and that only. If it’s a run play, my job is to look at the defense, make sure it’s a good defense to run this play against, get the ball to my RB with good mesh, and carry out my fake. And if it’s a Zone read concept I focus on who my read key is. That’s all you can control. Now on a pass play I would sit there and go “ok this is the defense I’ve seen on film, we like this play and I like this read; this is my footwork(should be muscle memory) and that’s the timing of the play”. Obviously things change such as pocket movement and the read and we need to be prepared for that, that comes from knowing your opponent and off season preparation. I think hours of film study and knowing what defenses are trying to accomplish helps with this a lot. On weekends after each game getting ready for next week I would watch countless hours of film to prepare for my opponent. But if you don’t know what to look for that can be counter productive. If you want to learn all about defensive coverages and what the goals are of each coverage, click the link below! ⬇️

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