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Injuries are something every football player has to deal with. They absolutely suck and are tough but there is a right way and a wrong way to handle them. We are focusing on the mental side today not the rehab side because I don’t specialize in that nor claim to be an expert. But as for the mental side of recovery, you need to be fully committed to returning. I see too many guys get injured in the dog days of summer or the beginning of the season and not want to come back because that’s when practice gets hard etc. That is the worst thing you can possibly do. You need to be getting treatment and PT everyday so you can come back or however much the doctor says you need to do. And when you finish you head to the field. Your teammates still need you, they don’t want you to go the trainers then go home after. Your coaches and teammates will have more respect for you if you show up everyday and sit on the sideline. Yeah it’s boring but you gotta do it. You need to still prepare every week like you are the starter. Ask the coaches questions, coach up the younger guys etc. If you are an injured player you should turn into an assistant coach. It shows that you are really about the team and when you do get cleared to play it was like you never left. You can transition smoothly into the lineup again. The simple fact of the matter is you still have to be there everyday. Don’t be that injured guy who only shows up on game day. 

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