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How To Cut Weight

From personal experience these are the two best ways I believe you can cut a few pounds. After I got done playing football I put on a lot of bad weight. Started to lose definition in my muscle and I wanted that to change. I did two things that help me cut about 10 lbs of fat and get down to 5-7% body fat. I cut out bread and sugar from my diet and I started doing high intensity workouts in the weight room and ran sprints after I lifted. I cut out bread because bread isn’t good for you whether you like it or not. It’s not a natural food like rice or potatoes. It is man made and I didn’t want to eat anything man made or that came in a wrapper like an energy bar. Also I stopped eating sugar. Like the sweet stuff not fruit but any kind of pastry or dessert. That gave me a ton of energy and I had the energy to workout. Now in the weight room, by going high intensity I mean high reps and high amount of sets. So doing like 10 sets of 10 was great for fat burning and running sprints after my workout continued to burn fat for me even when I was done working out. Those are two things you can do to cut down a few pounds and get leaner.

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