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How To Deal With A Crazy Coach

I think we have all experienced this before. We all have that one guy who is absolutely crazy who just blows up on his players and will make an example out of them. Personally, I hate that kind of coach, but it can be effective, I just don’t respond well to a guy in my face screaming at me and I don’t think most of us do. Now we can’t just up and quit because that would make us soft. We have to deal with that coach but what is the right way to go about it.

I don’t think their is ONE correct way to deal with a coach like this but I think there are a few wrong ways that we will discuss today. You shouldn’t ever talk back to a guy like this. That’s where you will get in trouble. He is a control freak and likes to be in charge so if you talk back, he’s going to take offense and rip your head off. Another thing is, I am assuming the coach wants a lot of discipline. So the last thing you should be doing is acting arrogant or acting better than your teammates. Another good way to get your head ripped off. Now I think the most important thing to do is stay out of the coaches way. Everyday, just put your head down and work. Don’t worry about him. You are there to get better and help your team. And at the end of the day, that is all the coach wants too, he just has a different way of showing it. Always treat him with respect even if he doesn’t give you any. Now some guys think they “deserve” a lot of respect when they haven’t given any. If you want respect you gotta give some. But go ahead, disrespect your coach see how that one works for you.

In every sport there will be a guy like this. You can either toughen it up and deal with it, or you can just run from it and have it destroy you. I like the first option because it shows what kind of player you are.

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