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How To Deal With A Sore Throwing Arm

QBs can often get a sore arm but we are going to talk about my experience with a sore/tired arm today. I am not a doctor but from my experiences this is what always seems to be the issue. If you have elbow pain, your arm tends to be over worked. The motion of throwing, especially your wrist flick puts a lot of stress in your elbow. You could be using all legs, hips and core and your arm will still hurt. That means you need to rest. Now if it’s shoulder pain it’s a mechanical issue. If you lift the ball to 90 degrees and have that kick back in your motion on the release, or don’t use enough of your legs, you will start to experience shoulder pain. That means it has something to do with your mechanics. I injured my arm throwing when I was younger, screwed up my mechanics because it was from lifting the ball to 90 degrees and my shoulder would drop back so far on my release. Once I used my legs,hips and core to throw, I could throw 6 days a week every week no problem. All in all, you need to rest your arm. Even if it doesn’t hurt you should still ice before and after a really intense throwing session. If you workout similar to how I work my guys out your arm needs to have a lot of recovery.

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