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How To Find College Camps

Today we will be discussing how you can find college camps. We get this question a lot and I hope this is able to help you find a camp that is suitable to you.

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First thing you want to do is start with where you live then work outward. Let’s say you live in Chicago IL for example. I would go to google and search up “Chicago IL college football camps”. Click enter and you will likely get a list of a few camps in your area. Now the first couple will probably be “sponsored”. Which means those companies or camps paid to be first on the list. You can check those out, but I recommend scrolling past those to the other options below. The sponsored ones might be good-but usually those are the “exposure” camps you want to avoid where there will not be any college coaches in attendance. Now, you may find some camps or you might not. Totally fine- then I would begin to work outward. Again in this example we live in Chicago, so I would then refine my search to “Illinois college football camps”. And then “Wisconsin college football camps” and the list goes on with the bordering states that you’d be willing to travel to.

Second thing you want to do is go to the platform X, formerly known as Twitter. I would get a list of all of the NAIA, D3, D2 & D1 schools near you and in the bordering states near you. Then I would use the search feature of the app and type in “university of Illinois football”. Usually the school will have an account- and they usually post about their camps there. Or they have a link in their X bio where you can checkout their website. Now also, some schools may have a recruiting profile set up. It would be called for example “university of Illinois football recruiting” or something like that. It the school has an account like that, they usually post about camps there and post info about camps there. 

If you are an unnoticed recruit, I recommend mega camps and satellite camps- which is when more than one university is in attendance. If you are actively getting recruited by coaches- go to camps where those coaches will be there, whether that’s a single staff camp or a mega camp. 

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