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How To Gain 10lbs This Off Season

Below I will be giving you guys two tips to help you gain 10lbs of HEALTHY weight this off season. I hope this can help you guys and teach you the correct way to add muscle. 

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1st Way)- Consuming enough protein. As athletes we constantly workout. We workout in the gym, on the field, we run etc. So in order for our muscles to grow we need to recover properly. We need sleep but we also need to consume enough protein to allow muscle growth. When you consume protein, protein repairs the small micro tears you get in your body from working out. That is what allows your muscles to grow. So if you want to gain weight, you should be consuming about 1-1.2G of protein per pound of body weight each day to not only recover but to grow at a faster rate. So if you weigh 150lbs and you’re trying to get to 160lbs- consume 160G of protein per day. Now this may be difficult to do with just food alone so getting on a good protein powder can be very helpful. I recommend this one below

2nd Way)- Calorie Surplus. You need to eat- you’re not going to gain weight if you’re not consuming enough calories. So make sure you are consuming more than you burn off with your workouts. As athletes, like I mentioned before, we are always working out and burning calories. You shouldn’t workout on an empty stomach either. Constantly put food in your body and track your calories. Invest in a tool or an app that can count how many calories you burn so you know how many calories you need to consume. If you want results you need to make an investment into the results. Sometimes that means spending money and sacrificing time. But if you need to gain weight I highly recommend it.  

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