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Below we will be discussing 4 tips on how you can GAIN WEIGHT but still maintain your speed. I hope this can help! 

1)- Don’t neglect your running form. A lot of people think that being fast is all about running a bunch of sprints, doing resistance training etc. So they believe that when trying to gain weight- you can’t do those exercises because it will cause you to burn calories. While resistance training is helpful, it’s not the only way to work on your speed. Your running form is crucial to you hitting your maximum potential for speed. So you should be doing daily drills, that don’t require a lot of space for running form. Work on your foot strike, arm mechanics, stride, knee drive etc. All of this will help you maintain your speed when trying to gain size. 

If you would like 50+ running form & agility drills you can do, with the exact sets and reps to follow, CHECKOUT THE LINK BELOW ⬇️⬇️

2)- Don’t neglect explosive movements in the gym. To gain weight you need to spend time in the gym obviously to build size. But don’t forget to add exercises that will help increase your fast twitch muscle fibers AKA where speed comes from. Box jumps, power cleans etc. Are all exercises that can help with this.

3)- Make sure you track calories. A lot of people don’t pay attention to the calories they consume and burn. That’s the name of the game when trying to gain weight. I recommend investing in a tool that can keep track of the amount of calories that you burn during a workout. A simple google search will give you hundreds of options for that. So, the reason why that’s important, is you need to always be in a calorie surplus to gain weight. Eating more than you burn. If you know how many calories you burn daily- you know how many you need to eat. 

4)- Take recovery seriously. When trying to build muscle, if you are working out extremely hard everyday and don’t consume enough protein- you will not gain any muscle mass. When you workout you tear down muscle tissue in your body. With hopes that it repairs stronger/bigger than before. Protein consumption is how you repair those tissues faster. But, if you keep tearing it down without rest and protein consumption you can end up over-training. A lot of you might struggle to consume enough protein, so I recommend supplementing a protein powder that can help you with that. You should try to consume 1G of protein per pound of body weight. The best protein comes from food, but if you struggle to eat that much- here is a good protein powder that I recommend ⬇️⬇️

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