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Below we will be discussing how you can gain/maintain weight during the season! So many athletes end up losing weight during the season… which is a problem because when college coaches come to your school to scout in the winter- you want to look as impressive as possible. Below we will be giving you 3 tips on how you can stay prepared.

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1)- You can’t neglect lifting during the season. I totally understand that your body is tired, bruised and sore. But getting some blood flow to your muscles might not be a bad thing. So on Sunday, Monday & Tuesday I recommend that you lift weights. (This is if you play games on Fridays) Even if it’s just 3-5 exercises for 3 sets of 10 reps with light weight. It is better than nothing and you can make sure you don’t lose the muscle gains you have made in the off season. If you are fresh & not injured- you should be going hard Sunday-Tuesday. 

2)- Please eat. You need to track calories that you burn. Especially when school starts. A lot of guys will eat lunch at school and then they go 6+ hours without eating again. You should eat some food before practice, in meetings and then right after practice. You need to consume calories to keep your weight on. You cannot wear yourself down like this and not eat. 

3)- Consume protein to help with recovery. To get the most out of your gym workouts you need to allow your muscle to recover. Protein is essential for this. Constantly breaking down your muscles will not allow you to grow. So if you still want to make size gains during the season you have to consume more protein. Protein repairs the broken down muscle tissues in your body from lifting or physical activity. You want to try to consume 1G per pound of body weight. This can help with performance in the gym & on the field. Below is a good protein powder I recommend 


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