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How To Get A Better Release

How you can get a better release off the line comes down to 3 things in my opinion. The first thing in my mind is always having very sudden feet, what do I mean by that? Sudden feet is when your feet are explosive and quick and you don’t Telegraph the move you make. You get your feet in the ground fast and explode off of your move. The 2nd thing would be to have a plan for your hands. You can’t just do your feet you need to work your hands and get  the DB to stop touching, grabbing, and pushing you. You want to attack his points of control. Back of his elbow,arm, and shoulder. That’s where you want to be. The third thing is not standing tall. I see too many guys make a move and pop their chest up and they lose their explosive position. That’s how we get pressed off the line and knocked off our route. So to recap 1) sudden feet 2) have a plan for your hands and 3) keep a good pad level.

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